Setting sail to spectacular heights

Venturing back to the magnificent lands of Cornwall for Episode 5, I knew I was in for a treat. Cornwall, known for its beauty and distinct culture, always necessitates a taste of their famed delicacy – the Cornish pasty. But on this trip, I had a different goal. My drone and I were on a mission to capture the yachts of Fowey Harbour.

Fowey, a charming port that sits on the mouth of the River Fowey. I started my day walking along the heights of the town, passing between grand houses that boast some of the best views of the estuary. The July blooms were out in full force, painting the roadside with colourful flowers. What makes Fowey truly memorable are its yachts, an elegant sight against the backdrop of rolling hills and the expansive sea beyond.

The walk to the harbour was a breath-taking experience, but regretfully, I did not have the time to indulge in the local cuisine. Upon reaching the yacht club, it was a bustling scene with folks sunbathing and yachts swaying gently in the harbour’s rhythm.
The estuary snaked its way into the heartland, with small sandy beaches on its path. The day got even better when a local friend invited me for a ride in their yacht. A trip on the water, coupled with a walk to the local Ready Money Beach, made for a perfect day.

As the drone navigated higher, the full grandeur of Fowey unfolded. The town clung tightly to the hillside, its buildings seemingly cascading down to the water’s edge. I have got to admit, the drone truly outdid itself this time. It flew above the yachts, capturing Fowey in its entirety. The launch from the yacht itself provided some remarkable close-ups. But it wasn’t just the stunning scenery that caught the drone’s attention. A curious seagull came a little too close for comfort, making for a rather thrilling aerial encounter. Luckily, all was well, and the ‘almost attack’ was captured on film too!

So here I am, the Skydrifter, reminding you that sometimes the best adventures are found when we set sail into the unknown.

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